The variety of honey entirely relies on the type of plant that a bee collects pollen and nectar from.

To give their bees a greater choice in the plants that are visited, Pure Peninsula Honey transports its bees regularly from one location to another.

The transportation of the beehives enables honey consumers to experience a wider range of mouth-watering flavours. Honey is cold extracted to the jar which captures all of its natural goodness. HONEY IS GLUTEN FREE and %100 FAT FREE.

YELLOW BOX – A mild honey with a pleasant aroma, smooth mouth feel and clean finish. Made from the nectar of Yellow Box trees in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range

RED GUM – A lovely smooth honey and slightly nutty with a buttery finish from the River Red Gums growing on billabongs and rivers.

LOCAL FLORA – People take a spoon of honey a day made from the flowers of local plants to help seasonal allergies and hay fever. Enjoy this rich complex honey in a peanut butter sandwich or drizzled over fruit salad.

100% Pure Australian Honey